It is absolutely essential that you market your book.

You have worked hard to write and edit your book and you want others to read and enjoy all of the hard work that has been put into it. There are many marketing tools you can use and many ways and we can explore these further.

Word of mouth, is of course always important. If someone reads your work and enjoys what they have read, they are very likely to tell others and their reviews can be extremely useful so donʼt be afraid to ask readers to submit reviews. Approach local book sellers, particularly small independent book stores might welcome having the author do a singing. Local newspapers are always interested in any “local celebrity” and by contacting their features editor and giving an interview, this may boost your sales.

Social network. Use this to your advantage and plot your book on all of the sites you use. Use a specialist book publicist who is able to create a bespoke campaign for your book. Use Author Central from amazon, if you have an amazon account, we can help you to set up this free tool which will allow you to create a link from your book to an author biography, photo, idea and even a link to your own website